Case Study: How RMM Made Kids’ Wishes Come True

October 16, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

“All grown-ups were once children, but only a few of them remember it,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his book, The Little Prince. At some point in adulthood, there is at least one time when we wish we could go back to being kids. It’s almost unavoidable to not get envious of little kids running wild and free whenever adult life gets too serious and a bit too difficult to handle. But imagine how it’s like for children who cannot even run free, children who cannot even live normally because, at their young age, they’re already battling with a terminal illness.

According to WHO, “Congenital anomalies affect an estimated 1 in 33 infants, resulting in 3.2 million children with disabilities related to birth defects every year.” In addition to this are millions of children suffering from other countless diseases. There are millions of young ones who, at the beginning of life, are already struggling with much difficulty. For this very reason, there are organizations like Make-A-Wish that strive to enrich the lives of others by granting them a wish that could uplift their spirits, find hope, and somehow relieve them from their pain. The type of wishes varies from meeting celebrities, going to Disneyland, becoming a pilot, having a dog, and so forth.

Make-A-Wish reaches out to children in more than 50 countries and just across the US, they make their best efforts to grant a wish every 34 minutes. A special team of volunteers is dispatched to carry on the task of making a child’s wish come true. They personalize and customize every child’s wish to give them the greatest experience. It’s interesting to note though, that they only have a very limited number of IT personnel. You have to ask, how can they afford to execute their job like this? How can they connect the team to each other when there are only a few people assigned to track and support their wish-granting missions?

Well, the answer is in the mobile workforce technology. Rescue by LogMeIn helps the organization by providing efficient and secure remote support solution. They provide access to end-user devices even without pre-installed software, which means that all devices regardless of their operating system can be given assistance whenever needed. Troubleshooting is made quick and easy so that the agents of the organization can swiftly recover from communication, logistics, or any other issue that hinders them from completing their task. If for example, the issue is in the device’s application, the support team can easily run diagnostics to find out the root of the problem. This function eliminates the costly expenditure on time and travel since help could be given remotely.

Aside from quick diagnostics of the end-user’s device, and remote control, Rescue by LogMeIn also allows multi-session handling. This is particularly advantageous for companies with a small IT support team like Make-A-Wish. They could support 10 off-site agents at a time so that everyone gets to work faster and better. Moreover, the agents could communicate via chat or video, whichever they prefer. A child who wished to go to Disneyland wouldn’t have to experience any further trouble at the company of Make-A-Wish agents. Should there be creases on the road, the team could surely iron them out.

Service-oriented organizations will benefit greatly from this remote solution. It interlinks the members in a way that could just result to greater efficiency that will, in turn, yield to more happy customers. Service to the people will be more than just a simple task that needs to be done. It will be about the priceless experience that everyone can get as long as they are powered by dedicated agents, as well as a reliable support system.

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