Rescue By LogMeIn: Cost-efficient, Speedy, and Trouble-Free Monitoring of your Global Systems

April 17, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

The global software manufacturing company, Rescue by LogMeIn, could not have chosen a more appropriate name when it first created its premiere Remote Management and Monitoring System (RMM) that was designed to help enterprises all over the world to monitor and manage their devices and IT systems. Read the name again carefully – Rescue by LogMeIn – and the truth of what the software can do sinks in slowly but surely. Any time the client company needs to check up on any laptop, solution, or other part of its structure that is mobile or located in another office, all that the Managed Service Provider (MSP) has to do is log in. He or she can then run a status report of the device in question, check if it needs repairs or troubleshooting, and then address it ASAP. The MSP can do this on the spot, right where he is – in another state or in his home office – without having to rush over to the actual place where the device-to-be-rescued currently is. Neither does he have to send any of his IT staff physically over to do the troubleshooting.

The monitoring, remediation, and continuation of maintenance can be done in a few hours, depending on the situation being addressed. What makes the company’s customers even happier is that this also results in savings: monies that could have been used for repairs, upgrading, or personnel transportation; as well as the maximum use of time that would have allowed the perpetually busy IT staff to continue to focus on their more urgent concerns instead of scurrying over to the next office to fix a problem.

Rescue can connect with the troubled device or system in just a matter of seconds, saving the company time and money. No hours are wasted in downtime or loss of productivity. The software can serve in-house corporate needs as well as the company’s providing of deliverables to external partners. For example, that means that Rescue’s software can be applied to check on the systematic performance of the company’s in-house ticketing system that answers each employee’s request for IT service; or it can be used to double-check why the accounting software that the company has provided a client is suddenly slowing down in its calculations.

Finances Online’s review of Rescue’s RMM notes that one client MSP managed to remove 220 hours yearly from its usual client calls. It did this by eliminating one minute from its weekly calls that would reach up to 250. The ensuing speed meant that the client got his responses faster, the problems were solved with greater efficiency, and the company spent less time and money on customer service support. What is impressive about Rescue is that its RMM enables the MSP to handle ten sessions simultaneously without anything slipping between cracks or the quality of performance being compromised. That means that the MSP can monitor and manage  ten IT-related situations, ranging from fast-tracking a ticketing response, determining bugs that are slowing down a server, to the sudden shutdown of a smartphone email app before an important meeting. The MSP addresses all these at the same time, with each operation documented.

Rescue by LogMeIn’s RMM is compatible with a huge range of operating systems such as Android, Apple MacIntosh, iOS, and Windows. The only exception is Linux.

Lenovo, Vodafone, and Motorola are just some of Rescue by LogMeIn’s growing clients. Small-to-medium-sized enterprises are also beginning to discover its advantages. One thing both kinds of companies are realizing is that their IT systems can be monitored and managed, regardless of location, without their MSP’s breaking a sweat. All these ultimately lead to an improvement in performance and the elimination of unnecessary downtime. And at any sign of trouble, all the client company needs to do is log in – for Rescue to come in and save the day.

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